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On Location Big Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

On Location Large Boob Paradise: Angela White Part 1

Take five of the world’s finest naturals, fly ‘em to a tropical island for a week and pursue them around with cameras. What do you get?

A Big Boob Paradise.

The DVD On Location Bigger than run of the mill Paradise follows the fantasy team of Lorna Morgan, Christy Marks, Angela White, Gianna Rossi and Terry Nova, the first and merely time these five Big-Boob SCORE superstars got jointly, sharing a beach house on the island of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Every chapter spotlights one goddess but, of course, there’s loads of interaction with the other girls also.

The history of SCORE‘s bigger in size than standard boob group shoots that too include the Boob Cruises is always nice of reviewing. The creator of big boobed goddess group shoots in exotic locations since 1992, SCORE was looking for naturals who would be equally fetching to both SCORE Fellows and V-Men for Big Boob Paradise. Various locations in the Bahama island chain have been a favourite tour destination since that time. The tropical weather is consistent, the scenery is sensational, the girls can be freely naked and it is a short journey from Florida.

Why not discharge in a similar area in the States? United States government’s 2257 regulations, beginning in 2005, forbid YOU.S.-based companies to discharge any adult models on YOU.S. soil who don’t have YOU.S. documents. To be flexible with this law, studios can not photograph non-American glamour models in the USA. Lorna’s a Brit, Terry’s a Czech and Angela’s an Australian. However, it’s legal to photograph adult models at an offshore location and the Caribbean offers anything SCORE needs, which is why everybody from Annina to Bella French has been photographed there.

The cameras pursue Angela in today’s posting, split into 2 sections for easier downloading. From the flight from Miami to the island to Angela’s romping with her new allies and posing for shoots, On Location Large Boob Paradise is packed with pleasure and games of the big breasted kind. A separate video chat with Angela is likewise posted.

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XL Origins: Jizz My Zeppelins

XL Origins: Sex cream My Tits

Ah, yep, Monique L’Amour.

Where is this babe today? That babe at not time writes, she by no means calls.

Monique L’Amour one time admitted that “I love bashful dudes, so it’s always up to me to make the 1st move.”

The problem with that is that a coy buck is usually shy all over, including his sex moves. So Monique indeed needs an aggressive Lothario to screw the shit out of her as often as possible. The hornier a lad is, the more this babe likes it. This babe likes orall-service and loves having her bra buddies dicked.

It was so awkward and goofy,” Monique told about losing her virginity. “I think we ended up bumping heads at some point. When I am in a relationship, I adore to acquire screwed 2 or 3 times a day. I am likewise a titanic fan of toys, all shapes, sizes and vibrating speeds.”

In Ball cream My Pointer sisters, Monique uses her knockers adore two sextoys. That babe makes an ice cream sundae without her bazookas as sweet treat for her bonk buddy.

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Annette Hotwife – Cum Wench

Cum Whore

Cum Slut

Annette, a 48-year-old wife and Mother from Las Vegas, returns, and she’s looking great in a sexy, yellow suit. Annette says she can’t live out of cum.

“I love cum. In my face hole, on my face, in my hair, on my marangos,” that babe told. “I just adore cum. I am a cum gal. I am a cum bitch.”

In this scene, after her woman chaser has banged her throat and cum-hole, the cum ends up on her face.

“That cum is fuckin’ enjoyable,” this babe says as this babe rubs it in. “It’s just what I needed today, cum all over my fuckin’ face.”

Annette is into a lot of things. “Soft thraldom. Tie me up. I love bucks in uniform. That is a stupendous turn-on for me. And gang bangs.”

Hey, we have an idea for a gang bang: Maybe all the members should come down to our studio and take turns fucking Annette!

Guess that’s an idea for one more day.

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The Adore Connection

The Like Connection

Georgia peach Brittany Adore, a very hot stripper (and winner of many awards including Larger than run of the mill Bust Entertainer of the Year 2003 at the Lap dancer Expo), was SCORE‘s go-to beauty for pussy-to-pussy and nipple-to-nipple action. She is group banged Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and, in this video from The Topmost of Bosom Buddies, ditzy blonde Mary Carey. This babe sailed on the final Boob Cruise in 2000 (the DVD Milk sacks Ahoy!). Retired from adult entertainment and living the nine-to-five civilian life, Brittany had a great career and SCORE readers continue to mail letters about her.

Mary Carey is still in the adult sector today, stripping and hosting an internet radio brandish. This babe once attempted to run for governor of California prompting Jay Leno to joke that she had “the only aperture in the ballot that’s already been punched.” Mary may be a ditz but she knows how to acquire media attention. This babe one time flunked an IQ test on the Howard Stern radio unveil and cleaned his WC with her long blonde hair. But this babe did not flunk any sex tests including this one with Brittany!

This was a classic SCORE girl on girl with tons of long-dildo and strap-on rogering.

Told Mary:

“I adore girl on girl, cuz it gives me something to fantasize about, you know? With a strap-on, I must imagine it being my jock. Some girls just have ordinary pink flaps, but I have those bigger than run of the mill outer lips that cover ‘em, so it is adore those secret little vagina lips inside. And it is so much fun ’cause I at not time used to know that these were different. I’ve observed so many wet cracks now, I have become a twat specialist.

“I like a girl’s tongue right on my clit. I do not like it too much when the tongue goes inside, you know. Just my clitoris. And really spit on it. I love spit on my cunt. Beauties lick slit more excellent. I don’t truly love when boyz go down on me. I just adore ‘em to fuck me, ’cause studs have whiskers sometimes, and they don’t feel as soft as a goddess. Cuties just feel velvety. Girls’ faces are so wonderful.”

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She’s now a 50PlusMILF, and she is still banging hawt…and fucking

She's now a 50PlusMILF, and she's still banging hot...and fucking

Alexa Rae 1st grabbed our attention a not many years ago when she made her debut by getting drilled in her constricted, 48-year-old arse. Well, Alexa is now Fifty, and although that babe isn’t getting ass-fucked this time around, she’s mouthing and banging a large, darksome rod and taking a spunk pie in her cookie.

“If you’re gonna have sex on-camera, you should do what you’ve joy,” Alexa told us. “I also savour having sex with a hung dark-skinned Lothario.”

This babe did that at, likewise, and now she’s doing it anew.

“I’m a WILF,” Alexa Rae told. “A wife you’d love to fuck.”

“I’ve always been very comfortable with my body,” Alexa said. “That’s one of the reasons I decided to do this, not only ‘coz I thought it would be fun but ‘cuz I have no problem with people seeing me in nature’s garb.”

Undressed and fucked. Just the way we like ‘em.

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Busty hooker

Busty hooker

Big busted hooker Holly Halston is fiercely territorial of her turf and will follow off any other ladies of the street who violate Holly’s beat. She’s one more badass doxy with a batty sex drive. That girl’s got some impure face hole on her and this babe knows how to use it. When we say immodest mouth, we mean it. The words that pour from Holly’s cock-licking lips are absolutely immodest. The trick who picks her up is hot for that throat, her taut twat and her magic anus. The little blonde with large scones does things his wife will at not time do! They wangle and bargain until they reach a deal. No one receives over this sweet heart. Holly gets her compensation and that chap gets the wildest a team fuck of all the pro-hos this lady-killer brings home to copulate and ball cream!

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Kimmie Kaboom – Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

Sticky Kimmie

It’s a large day for Kimmie Kaboom and a larger than typical day for XL Beauties. This great Recent Discovery is about to be filmed having sex for the 1st time. It is 42H hooter heaven.

Kimmie admits to being nervous about it and that’s absolutely natural. The XL porn woman chaser Tony D. has no thing but rock hard feelings about her and will educate her anything about sex on-camera.

What satisfies Kimmie topmost in ottoman?

“Having my twat fingered and love button played with but I also adore a precious unbending weenie in my cum-hole. I guess I love sex in general. It’s stiff to pick just one thing!”

Love some SCORE and V-mag adult models, Kimmie is married to a very generous greater than standard boob lover and this lady-killer encouraged her to pose for XL Gals. She’s an “XL Cuties wife,” adore Jasmine Jones, Cameron Skye and a few others.

“I would say I am confident sexually. I mean I know what I urge when I crave it. But I can be very passive and let the dude take complete control. I have sex as much as possible, at least each morning or night. My husband is a very pleasured gent!” Amen to that, Kimmie!

We will be asking Kimmie later on about her 1st sex scene at XL Angels. Now pardon us while we go kaboom!

Thank’s, Kimmie Kaboom.

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Sexy M.I.L.F. licks cum off a table

Hot Mother I'D LIKE TO FUCK licks cum off a table

As Annette licks Tony’s cum off the table in the last fotos of this set, keep this in mind: Whilst that babe was doing this, her hubby was watching. And, by the way, Annette has two kids back home in Las Vegas. They do not know that their Mama licks strangers’ cum off tables.

Why is that so sexy?

Why is it so hawt and sexually excited that the woman who’s engulfing and fucking Rocky’s dick in this photo set and touching with tongue his load off a table is likewise a Mother of 2?

Hey, why ask why? Your 10-Pounder says, “That’s hot.” And that is all u need to know.

Besides, this is Annette’s second time at It is interesting to note that the first time, the stud’s cum ended up inside Annette’s muff and the second time it ended up on a table and then in her mouth.

“My family and allies would be shocked that this fascinating girl would do this,” Annette told. “My swinger friends, however, know my wild side and just wanna watch what I will do next.”

What she’ll do next? What she’s doing here.

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Great Big Zeppelins Of Like

Great Big Love muffins Of Love

Continuing our chat with Sheridan Like, a SCORE Girl who has it all.

SCORE: When you are trying on a underneath garment, what do u do to test whether it is gonna fit right?
Sheridan: If I can detect a below garment in my right size I like to put it on and jump up and down to see if my hooters will pop out.

SCORE: Everyone loves seeing SCORE Angels do that. How lengthy does a underneath garment final you in advance of you throw it out?
Sheridan: I’m the world’s worst about keeping a under garment way after it should be thrown out. It’s adore your fav shirt that has holes in it but u cant seem to make yourself throw it out. I’ve a hardly any bras adore that. (Laughs)

SCORE: Do you wear a bra all the time?
Sheridan: I’m a nudist whenever I can be. I adore to be stripped!

SCORE: Do you lounge around the abode topless or exposed?
Sheridan: I’m bare all the time.

SCORE: Do you think hotties should be allowed to be topless anywhere it is legal for males to be shirtless?
Sheridan: Love I said, I’m a nudist whenever possible, so I think that would be attractive. We were all born undressed. It’s no thing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a gorgeous thing no matter what shape or size. If males are allowed to be topless, honey bunnys should have that same right.

SCORE: What do your pierced nipps do for u?
Sheridan: I have always thought pierced nipples were hot, so I had to receive mine done. I’ve always had super-sensitive nipples, but after getting ‘em done they became even more sensitive. My 1st shower after getting them done was so orgasmic!

Thank’s, Sheridan!

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Cara, Sally and a bigger in size than average, corpulent ramrod

Cara, Sally and a bigger in size than average, bulky cock

Sally D’Angelo, 60, and Cara Reid, 61, the one and the other massive breasted blondes, one as well as the other married, one as well as the other randy all the time, both swingers’ (even though they didn’t know that about each other when they were just biker buddies) share a 10-Pounder, and each other, for the 1st time.

“I love me some Sally,” Cara told. “I think it is gonna be so much joy. It makes me hot just thinking about it. I’m intend to take my cue from her and surprise her. Throw her down and take up with the tongue her bawdy cleft worthwhile. I hope she lets me. And I am intend to let her take up with the tongue mine.”

When this scene widens, Sally and Cara are one as well as the other looking hawt in red fuck-me lingerie. Sally acquires Cara willing for JMac’s big schlong by licking her breasts and eating her fur pie, and it isn’t lengthy before they’re one as well as the other sharing that large meat-thermometer and eating every other’s slits and feeding JMac’s weenie into each other’s pussies.

What are the odds that a pair of motorcycle friends who used to go riding with each other’s husbands would end up banging at

“I not at all knew about Sally coz she was always worried that I’d be offended, and when that babe said me, I was adore, ‘Oh, god, this is breathtaking,'” Cara recalled. “And that babe told, ‘I was afraid that u wouldn’t love me anymore,’ and I told, ‘I like u even more now.'”

Sally and Cara like each other so much that at the end of this scene, they lick JMac’s cum off every other’s faces and tongues. And that is what friends are for.

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